Everyone Else

by ManDancing

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N.J. Racket
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N.J. Racket Stephen Kelly delivers the vocals straight from the heart. Most of the songs have very dark and personal subject matter. They’re basically the perfect band to see in a basement on a cold December night, when life’s already given you the shit end of the shit stick, and you can totally connect with the lyrics, “I didn’t ask to be here/And neither did you/Just like the rest of us/ So before we move on any further/Can we please forgive each other/We’re all lost in the ocean.” Favorite track: stones (again) ((and again)).
Sachin M
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Sachin M Great music, better people. Catch them live in Jersey for ultimate singalong funtimes ! Favorite track: stones (again) ((and again)).
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this is Dan Mancing's first record.
this record is for everyone, and we hope you love it.


released January 26, 2016

songs written by Stephen
produced by Ben Petty and Stephen
initial mixes: Ben
final mixes: Mark Bucci
mastered by Adam Cichocki at Timber Studios

Ben Petty played drums on shows, stones, and cases.
Tom DeVinko played drums on cigs, and (reprised) ocean.
Joshua Howard played drums broken.
*fun fact* Josh also built the earth.
Anthony Freda played drums on humor.

Taylor Clifford played upright bass strings on ocean reprise.

Evan Luberger played bass on stones.
Ben did, like, all the other bass and a lot of extra guitar stuff.
and he did 'most' of the percussion.

Stephen did all the singing (cept for a gang vocal part on humor which involved John Ludas and Ben)
and all the rhythm g. and probably some other stuff.

thank you to the Apparus family for the space. Thank you to everyone who played a hand in this.

lotta people, lotta credit.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


ManDancing New Jersey

danmancing is a band that plays songs from the heart.

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Track Name: shows
they don't come to your shows : (
and you could be dead tomorrow.
you don't actually know.
how could you lead if you don't follow?

they like the sound of your voice!
it blends in nice with all the other noise..
..and what do you care what you say?
it never really did much.

anyways, i don't know where to start.
i'm starting to think that i shouldn't think to hard.

ahhhh! oh!

come see everything
you don't need anything at all!!
Track Name: broken
testing: 1,2

have you ever seen everyone so broken?
have you ever seen anyone so afraid?
and have you realized yet that these people are mirrors of your fear
and that you are everyone one else inside your head?

i don't want to (wanna) commit suicide,
but things can become really dark sometimes.
i'm learning it's i choice i (can) make,
every morning that i wake up,
to forgive myself and be grateful for my life!

well, friends that used to be there, they aren't here.
i think they think that i have disappeared.
i still love them, yea, things they change, if they need me, well
that's okay
i hope they know that i am still right here!

i'm(you're) still right here

i admit i'm ignorant to this
and, i admit sometimes i don't give a shit
but, for some reason, i love to sing-
in the halls where no one is..
..you really can do anything that you want!
Track Name: (the) words
it's easier to watch someone else live out your dreams
instead of waking up, just to do the same.
there is a comfort in seeing it get played out,
but you're not playing now. it's not a game.
it is reality. and i hope you get something out of it.
i'm shouting now, but it helps to keep me from
forgetting your name.

and, if we all sing together and not focus on the 'whether or not's'
let us! set our eyes onto something, (don't)believe me, it's true!
you and us, us and them, be family again.
let's be family again!

..but you lack the words you need to say..
you close your eyes,
and you say things anyway

well, choose your path wisely. hold your head high
see past what your eyes can percieve.
and, would you love me? unconditionally?
traditionally, that sounds fishy to me, but we all have to swim in the
biggest of seas.
we all have to swim, we all have to swim, don't we?

..but you lack the words, you need to say..
you close your eyes,
and you say things anyway.

you lack the words
you neeed to say
so you close your eyes
just close your eyes.

Track Name: stones (again) ((and again))
i lost my head, and then i left your open hand.
now, i'm dying to get back to it.
wrought with fear of being able to hurt someone so much.
what comes after this?

i threw stones again
just to see where they'd land
i threw stones again just to see where they'd land!

i talked her ear off about nothing.
and about how everyone is different
it's what makes us exactly the same
it's a nice literary device to explain how none of this works,
all of the time.
and i couldn't tell you how many times i've been up there,
but never by myself.

well, i'm never by myself.

cuz, i threw stones again, well, just to see where they'd land!
yeah i threw stones again!
well, just to see where they'd land!

i threw stones again, huh?
well, never by myself!

yeah, i threw stones again. well.
never by myself.
Track Name: (lit) ocean
if i was lost in the ocean, would you know where to find me?
sent floating
fell short of ship.

the undertow
drowning in choices that i make.
yet i see your reflection
still hiding behind my face.

the sun went down
started dreaming of dark things
and i woke up just to lie in bed
and i lie to myself

i lie to myself.

well, i've been biting my tongue in my sleep, and i can tell by the cuts when i wake up. i bled out the words that i lack the courage to say, though i keep telling myself, there's no need to be afraid.
and i've been scratching my face in my sleep, and i can tell by the cuts when i wake up. i claw off the mask(s) that i like to wear day-to-day to show you and everyone else that, "i'm not afraid"
but, it's not my fault
i didn't ask to be here. and neither did you, just like the rest of us. so, before we move on any further,
can we please forgive each other?

we're all lost in the ocean.

well, if i was lost in the ocean, then you've already saved me.
drowning with my arm stretched out
patiently waiting..

yeah, i've been lost in the ocean, but
you've already saved me.
drowning with my arm stretched out
patiently waiting..