(beer) cases

from by ManDancing



i've been looking over my shoulder.
it's like my seat belt's broken.
and if i crash again this time, i won't be so easily saved.

staring at the case with my full moon.
i'm drowning off your name.
the camera's on and it don't turn off for ya!
yeah. don't try to feel the same.

well, i know it's not right, and no, i don't mind.

i'm sorry friend.

walking around my room like i've never been here before.
you don't call for much, it's an easy out.
you don't talk about it..

((you don't talk about it, you don't about anything, so you write it down and send it home. did you forget your own? well, i've been drinking myself to sleep, and i don't need it. i don't need
love me
and i love))

you and i don't think it's over.
i've been looking over my shoulder.


from Everyone Else, released January 26, 2016




ManDancing New Jersey

danmancing is a band that plays songs from the heart.

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