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it's weird when you feel like you don't want to do anything, but smoke another cigarette and speedy-up the clock. i'm overwhelmed by my relationships. i wish i could see everyone. selfishly i smoke a spliff in the park and take a walk. strolling, i see faces. try to smile as i pass by them. turn to see a lonely goose that must have lost it's flock. but he takes off with grace and effortlessly starts to catch the wind, while i'm sitting with these worn out hands, drawing lines of chalk. and, they'll get washed away one day, and so will, but it's okay, while i'm alive i'd to say that i really care...
but words don't count unless there is action, now it's your job, go build a house. with open doors, let the spirit out, and don't waste your breath on empty promises, it's no way to live. it just creates another weight to lift.
over your head. and ego's dead when the "i" does not exist.


from Everyone Else, released January 26, 2016




ManDancing New Jersey

danmancing is a band that plays songs from the heart.

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